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1 year ago

"We can help people regardless of the color of their skin". Not bad for first grade. Had a really fun video conference today with Newton-Lee Elementary.

9 months ago

PEC’s Dan Holmes, along with other staff, volunteers and partner orgs are braving the rain today — standing outside polling locations to engage and educate Loudoun citizens on local issues like the Comprehensive Plan update. #loudoun #envisionloudoun

2 years ago

My baby boy graduated from Elementary School today! 💙🎓

2 years ago

And just like that he's off to 1st grade😢

2 months ago

FUTURE SO BRIGHT YOU GOTTA WEAR SOME SHADES BOII! my little bro is not so little anymore.. going to middle school!

2 years ago

My favorite part of being a firefighter😊

1 year ago

The Chick-fil-A Cow had a great visit at Newton-Lee ES today! Join us today from 3-8pm for their Spirit Night and a percentage of the sales go back to the school! #lcps #lcps18 #ashburnva

3 years ago

The first things to go up in my newest classroom carry great memories.

2 months ago

Ain’t no party like a salad party... 🥬 🍅 🥗

2 months ago

aww cute

7 months ago

Last week I got to record a segment on the morning news show at my old elementary school, to talk all about crown CARES and bullying prevention!! #crowncares #unitingavoice

2 years ago

Sunny had so much fun spending Friday night at Newton Lee Elementary School celebrating their Spring Carnival! We sponsored the super fun (and popular) photo booth! We hope everyone enjoyed their fun photos! Thank you Newton Lee Elementary for inviting us for the fun!

1 year ago

Ending our Newton-Lee Elementary years.. time for middle school!

11 months ago

When poets teach...

3 months ago

Rams Players promoting summer camp at the annual Newton-Lee Elementary Carnival.

2 months ago

Moving On Up!! DTES here she comes! Are you ready?!

2 years ago

But a nice throw to second ends AJs time on base.

1 year ago

Neel's first t-ball game

6 years ago


2 months ago

This picture makes my heart sing and burst with joy. This is Harkin Thea my 5 year old chemo baby who is attending her kindergarten assessment. Today on my 5th chemo completion anniversary was also here kindergarten assessment. While I feel so lucky I also can’t help but think of all of the beautiful pregnant warriors I have met along this journey. But the part that makes me the most sad is that not all of these beautiful ladies are here with us today. Cancer still does not have a technical cure. There is no one size fits all. I am happy to be done with chemo and be here with my family but I will be honest cancer is always looming in the back of my mind. My body has been tortured and put back together like a misfit doll. Please don’t think for one second that I am not grateful to be here. I am thankful each and every day I put my feet on the floor. Just remember some people are smiling with their face and waging wars that some of us will never even know about. Be kind. Be patient. Be present. Be there for others. And never ever take one single moment of you life for granted but we all will die someday and you just don’t know when that will be..... #pregnantpinkwarrior #pregnantwithcancer #breastcancersurvivor #chemosgotnothingonher #harkinthea #5yearspostchemo #postchemo #fsgswarrior #celiacwarrior #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #stronger

1 year ago

Neither of us has the engineering gene..we’ll leave that up to my mom. Somehow we got this to work but really all we wanted was a little paint & some materials to pretty this baby up #americaneducationweekproject #allabouttheaesthetics 🤦🏻‍♀️

1 year ago

Today we were happy to partner with the Stone Bridge football team as the spent the morning greeting the students of Newton-Lee Elementary School!

2 years ago

We are proud to be a returning sponsor of the VDDHH Carnival at Newton Lee ES this evening!