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mood for 2018: merry crisis

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The best days are pool days ☀️

1 month ago

My birthday photo shoot

1 month ago

I’m a little late but Sko 2k19🤩

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4yrs 🥰🥰🥰🥰

6 months ago

I took the dogs on a 2 hour walk through a path in the woods yesterday and had some of the most intimate, engaging interactions with strangers I’ve ever had. Wrapped in a warm, white blanket of powder from the sky, there was a unifying sense in the air which I could tangibly feel - So much so that a party of three joined me for the last hour of the hike. // Our conversations stretched far & wide, entailing a deeper understanding of the physical environments of our area. One man said to me, “It’s amazing all the intellectuals that live and are moving here, the technology & data centres which are being developed are making this place a hub. Glad I could put my kid in such a good schooling system here.” My shortened response, “Well I guess It depends on what you constitute as intellectual. Technology has it’s teachings, but learning from the forests and through nature’s teachings is the greatest education I’ve received to this point.” I watched him sit with this while observing the snow accumulating on the trees, his wife (who graduated from the high school next to mine) asked more questions. We continued our dialogue till we reached the end of the path, where we then shook hands, exchanged names and parted ways

2 days ago

It was my first time at this mall and I love it ! So many different stores, food places and services ! I realized I food supermarket as well! I love the parking lot, with a easy drive thru food as well... sometimes I see malls but not complete at @phillips.edison Ones ! #PECOExperiences #hbtsp @phillips.edison

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Anjalika enjoying the fall sun on this bright day.

7 months ago

This is five months!! We are missing part of our outfit, but Blair and I are so tired we didn’t even care. We kicked RSVs butt, and are finally back to our happy, energetic self (contrary to pic 3..). This past month we’ve gotten better at sitting up (with help), started responding to our name, and we love to grab everything within reach. Christmas music & wheels on the bus are on the favorites list. As well as falling asleep while dancing with mommy. I’ve come to realize I’ll never truly sleep again, and dry shampoo was created by God himself for moms. Nick and I are so excited to celebrate Blair’s first Christmas/New Years! *Cheers to keeping a tiny human alive for five months!!*

5 months ago

На выходных овсянка по мне скучает🤣... а я по ней нет! Recently I fell in love with mangoes😍 for breakfast, lunch or dinner it's a must now! #breakfast #sunday

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Yer a wizard, Harry

1 year ago

Happiness goals: surprise mud puddle in the backyard, humans aren't paying attention until you're face down in it, and then bribed with cheese to take a bath.