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It is with great care and understanding that we plan to answer this week’s question. Join us this Sunday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. in Ashburn for a time of dialogue and teaching. Not to mention volleyball and food. See you there!!!

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"There are countless stars in the sky tonight And the city glows with a million lights But of all this bright that I see tonight You’re the one I want There are countless mountains left to climb With these butterflies I still feel inside But it’s just us here in the candlelight And You’re the one I want There are countless memories lost, forgotten, thrown into the wind There are countless words I wish I never said There are countless explorations that I’m longing to begin But you’re the one I want You’re the one I want There are countless souls wide awake tonight With the countless questions on my mind And a million clocks that I can’t unwind But You’re the one I want" - Jon Foreman, You're the One I Want • • • • #switchfoot #music #wanderlust

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Homemade potatoes 🥔

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"Our bodies shall return to dust again, Our faces, we will lose, Our hearts no longer feel the joy in pain But our words shall remain... Immortal." • • • • • #Writers #friends #godisgood