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2 years ago

Just hanging out

7 months ago

I dont ask for much ... Just loveeeeeee meee

1 year ago

Excited to teach my first spin class @aradiafitnessloudoun - Tuesday nights at 7:50pm. We'll be learning this combo - level 2 and up 😊. Been feeling sick the past few days - nice to be back on the pole 💕

1 year ago

We just had to share this!!! 😍 Our Intro to Aerial Arts is coming up, if your child loves the playground in a very different way this class is for them 😍😍 join us for Intro to Aerial Arts on the 4th of February at 10:45 #aerialartsforkids #aradiafitnessloudoun

11 months ago

A couple days back when I was in my “feeling” mood and decided to freestyle but didn’t want to post because I was overthinking too much and thought it wasn’t good because it wasn’t anything new. But I have to remind myself that it is not always about doing new moves, sometimes it’s just good to move even if you do what feels familiar to you and instead put your focus on the quality and emotion in your I’m posting mainly because I felt uncomfortable posting this 😆

3 months ago

Rainy days 🌧

1 month ago

Dancing first thing this morning. Loving the sun at the studio during this time ☀️ Spin Pole today at @aradiafitnessloudoun at 6:50pm. Oooh and I love dancing on our new poles!!! 😍😍🙌🏼

10 months ago

Spin combo from class the other night Spin Pole will be moving to 7pm next month following Pole Strong at 6:30pm 💪🏽 @aradiafitnessloudoun Let’s Pole and get strong together! 👯‍♀️

1 month ago

🎶🎵 teaching low flow next Thursday at 7:50pm at @aradiafitnessloudoun ..come dance with me! 🤗

4 months ago

Free dancing before putting on my heels 👠 and loved this shirt I got from @omarandtasha so I had to dance in it 😆❤️

8 months ago

Thanks @kellypurt for class! Had so much fun. Went to the studio to practice, but ended up on the silks 🤷🏽‍♀️

9 months ago

Doing everything but practicing my comp routine 🤦🏽‍♀️.. was watching @ninabot_ dance to this song and remembered I’d always wanted to dance to it 😆 thanks for the inspiration. Incorporating some choreo learned from @kyrajohannesen and from the workshop with @liz_adora 💕

3 months ago

Love my Exotic ladies 😍🔥🔥

7 months ago

Spin pole combo from class last night, my last class for the year! Finally tried the #pdscutoid move from @polecricket . Going to miss seeing everyone at the studio for the next couple weeks. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays! 🎄💕

9 months ago

I remember watching @zhennnie doing this in flex class @dollhousepolefitness maybe almost 2 years ago and trying to do it and being unable to get my chest to the floor 😆 I’m so happy to finally get my chest to the ground in this position! Maybe more consistent practice would have gotten me here sooner, but still 🙃 working on opening these shoulders and chest! It’s been hindering me from so many Pole moves!

3 months ago

Playing with this handstand transition to floor Jade I saw @daphnelux do ✨

5 months ago

🌞Best way to start the day: Train with these 2 first thing in the morning 💕 Our get out of bed and train look 😆 So grateful to have beautiful, talented friends who constantly push me to do better ❤️ and always make me laugh 😝 Love you guys @poleasaurus_rex @tinapolearina 💕 can’t wait to see you 2 kill it at PCS. #2moreweeks

1 month ago

Combo taught in Spin class today. Changed it up a bit for tonight. Thanks for the idea @ruchichichia of going into genie 💞