Hi everybody here are some of my favorites Earth Day situations . I’m over here in Dubai and I’ve been having trouble sleeping ! Oh boy ! Currently 12:43 AM ! So far we’re having a great workshop over here and we are getting some great conditions . No.1 New York City the twisted pier sun rise! No. 2 an epic gorgeous sunset in Woodland California at the sunflower field ! No. 3 star rotation picture that I did in Tasmania . That’s a 200-year-old house . No. 4 just a beautiful sunset underneath the bay bridge many years ago ! No. 5 Low fog moving in from the alignment point above the Golden Gate Bridge . No. 6 a beautiful puddle reflection in Yosemite ! No.7 Low fog from battery spencer one of the hardest ones to come bye ! No. 8 The same day in Woodland California before the sky turned red ! No. 9 The Palouse Rays of light in Eastern Washington ! No. 10 The moonlight fog Waves from Mount Tam #earthday