This week's Creativity School guest Simon Tam @simonthetam said to make what you want to see in the world and use your art as your activism. Mikael Owunna @mikaelowunna a Biomedical Engineer, says he grew weary of the barrage of violent, dehumanizing imagery of black people he saw in the media. Owunna wanted to counteract the pain of those photos, to create imagery that showed the black body not as a site of death but as a site of magic. Make 👏🏼what 👏🏼you 👏🏼want 👏🏼to 👏🏼see 👏🏼in 👏🏼the 👏🏼world. I love love love the beauty and power of this series. #InfiniteEssence #creativityschoolpodcast #everydaypeopledoingcreativethings