• The Grizzlies • Where to start.. I’ll start by saying, if you’re in Canada you’ll be able to see our movie in theatres on April 19.. I can’t give justice to how wonderfully unknown it felt showing up that day in the Arctic to begin our filming. A place where land and snow lay king. This was a journey. A life altering experience. Everything from the people to the land was so deeply rooted and beautiful. I’m very proud of this movie, proud of its voice, it’s strength, it’s life. Proud to be bringing the spirit of the inspirational Grizzles and the powerful Kyle Aviak to the world. This is a remarkable true story. It’s fuel to the heart. . I’m jealous that only one country is able to watch it right now, I mean it is a Canadian story after all, so it’s only right that it’s journey begins there. But I’ll update you as it releases further into the world. But for you in Canada.. enjoy. . April 19th. . . . @grizzliesmovie @eskimopie32 @headlore44 @mirandadepencier @moirawalleybeckett @benschnetzer @emeraldmacdonald7 @paulnutarariaq @willsasso @charging_buffalo @anna.r.b.lambe #thegrizzles #thegrizzliesmovie #lacrosse #arctic #kugluktuk