Random question - Do you love where you grew up? I couldn't wait to leave this place when I was 18. Now when I wander the trails and see the beautiful lakes from every angle I wonder how I missed seeing this incredibly beautiful place with my youthful eyes. I wonder how my daughter will interpret this place when all she sees is a highlight reel of the area on our frequent visits to the land of Ogopogo. Will she think I was crazy to have left? Will she want to leave the Yukon as fast as I wanted to leave here? Even with two weeks there, it went too quick with never enough time to see everything on my wish list which truthfully now contains more people than places. I am forever thankful for the family and friends that feel like family who make our visits to the Okanagan so special, even if it isn't enough to lure me to move back. See you again in June, Okanagan.