I’ve been taking a bit of a break from social media over the last month and it’s been incredibly refreshing. Looking back through a few moments that I will never forget has reminded me that the most powerful part of this platform is not the images or the inspiration, but rather the people and the relationships. Sure, I find an incredible amount of inspiration from the talented photographers that I follow on here, but it’s the people that I’ve had the opportunity to meet and the friendships that I’ve been fortunate enough to form through this app that will always be the most rewarding. This photo was taken on a trip to Scotland with @sonyalpha and while Scotland was absolutely stunning, the experience was made complete by the friends I was traveling with, each bringing their own background and talents to the group. The memories of the experience will forever be intertwined with the people surrounding you. So, surround yourself with good people and continue to seek opportunities to make memories, not simply photos. If you ever find yourself in NW Ohio, hit me up and if I’m free I’d love to connect. Camera: Sony a7riii Lens: 100-400 GM 4.5-5.6 (1/50 sec. f/5.6 iso100) #alphacollective #bealpha #sonyalpha