ROLLED AND TOLD #9 is available for preorder! I have a splash illustration and an article in this issue alongside art by @mlee_den (Ea Denich), @savi_bunny (Savanna Ganucheau), @oneofthejohns (Jonathan Hill), @riibrego (Rii Abrego), and Anna Liisa Jones. Cover art (pictured 1st in slideshow) by @macisketches (Maci Hass). In Shops: May 22, 2019. $7.99 Pre-order number: MAR191869 "In A Tale of Two Gnomes, venture into an inventor's burrow to save him from his rival and his unsettling and unethical constructs. And if you're looking for a shorter and lower-stakes adventure, your players can play matchmaker with a series of skill tests to help a Gnome Bachelor find love! This issue will also include a guide on physically crafting sets, items, and other materials to bring your campaign to life, a review of dwarven monster hunter Bartha Buart's newest book, and more!" #comics #RolledandTold #lionforge #gaming #dnd #illustration #rpg #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming #dungeonsanddragons #roleplaying @lionforge