Why do I hate doing sumo deadlifts? I don’t know ? I just do lol . I prefer conventional deadlifts any day 🖤 finally got my sumos to 205lbs 🥳🥳 it took me a while but hey I fucking did it 💪🏽🦵🏽 - 205lbs 4x3 185lbs 4x10 - Anyone know of some good shorts ? I looked at Gymshark but the ones I want are sold out 😐 so hopefully they come out with some new short releases cause mama is getting tired of the leggings and just wanna show off her legs lol . These ones are that point where they ride up & it’s getting annoying to pull them down every time 🙄 let a home girl know 😏 - #sumodeadlift #sumosquats #deadlifts