This is the House Special Rice & Egg Noodle soup at Trieu Chau in Santa Ana/Westminster. This noodle soup consists of ground pork, pork slices, shrimp, meat balls, and a duck leg! You can even request for the bowl to be "dry" so the soup will be on the side. Definitely one the best noodle soup restaurants in the OC area. I am a little bias due to the fact that I've been coming here since a child with my family. But I can describe this place as a fusion between Chinese, Cambodian, and Vietnamese noodle soups. Although I would consider this place as a small and divey restaurant, it is a very popular place that gets a lot of traffic from the locals. And it really shows in the food! The food is very savory and comforting. If you can get past the no frill service and restaurant environment, this place is a staple for sure. If you end up trying it, or if you already have, please let know what you ordered! What’s your opinion on the food you ate?