New post! “Halfway Home.” I’m halfway into writing my 2nd book 🤠, re-planning my move, & waiting for 2nd interviews. The words flow more freely this go round. Will they see the light of day? It’s been difficult to get out of bed, but I’ve been getting up. Looking forward w/ tempered optimism. I wish I could be a plastic. That I could fake it. That I didn’t have a deep heart. Call me Blondie. She breaks like crystal glass these days. Sometimes I think, "if I could just be a corporate sellout & make a shit ton of money, I'd live happily ever after w/ an easy-bake oven life." But then I wouldn't be me & life is more than what we own and do. (full post at link in bio.) . . The only thing worse than not pursuing your dreams is to achieve them & realize it may have been for nothing. This wasn't part of the plan. Neither was “MAGA 🇺🇸.” Many unplanned things have occurred in the world that weren't supposed to. I wish each could be rectified. Why did y’all lead me to believe you wanted to hear my words? Or was it intriguing to watch from the sidelines hidden in sheep’s clothing? The wolves are out for blood most nights. To quote the Talking Heads, “and here am I the biggest fool of them all,” & the only one to hold responsible. There’s power in surrender. Control is illusory. We are at the helm of our ship but no amount of skill can steady the ocean’s waves. After all, “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” I looked into the abyss & found the abyss. I toppled over the edge & plunged downwards. What happened to finding mountains instead? Cloud cover isn’t limited to sky. I have to trust this will turn into something grand, & if not, at least I tried my hardest. A mountain is still a mountain. That’s got to count for something- even if the haze won't let me see it now. . . . . #blog #blogger #mountain #philosophy #journey #travel #travelgram #nature #mountain #forest #tree #writer #writersofinstagram #mondaymotivation #gay #hope #instagood #earth #life #depression #universe #glaciernationalpark #wanderlust #photooftheday #igers #waterfall #explore #clouds #photography #awesome