new TRICEP exercise and progress update. still a lot of work left to get that COBRA back... ------ the exercise really isolates your triceps/arm, and the somewhat awkward positioning actually is a benefit because it prevents "swinging" the weight and maintaining form. pretty challenging, so you won't even be able to go heavy. I use it as my last exercise and do high reps to failure. feel the effin' burn. ------ from 2-3-2019 to 2-9-2019: average cals = 1923 average weight = 164 lb (down 1 lb) average BF% = 10.2 (down 0.4%) ------ ended up taking in more calories than i had planned, but still stayed on the downward slope for BF%. ------ 1. gym sessions felt great and lifted STRONGER than last week. 2. didnt feel tired or sluggish during the day. 3. will keep it at 1900 cals (specifically, the protein/carb/fat RATIO) for this upcoming week, and see what happens... ------ every person and their INDIVIDUAL body is different. ‘boilerplate’ and ‘cookie cutter’ diet plans may or may not work for YOU. and to emphasize, right now we are NOT simply wanting to “lose weight" and have a lower number on the weight scale. actually want mine to go down as MINIMUM, as possible. ------ not taking on new clients at the moment, but feel free to DM me with any questions or for a quick chat. will be more than glad to help on a casual level. ------ trifecta cobra(back) clan 🐍 ------ naw, we aren't aspiring competitors, fitness models, or anything of that nature. we're just a group of everyday, normal guys trying their best to live as healthy and most fit, as possible.