"Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace". — May Sarton My humble garden (still so much to learn!!). Photo1: Our DIY grow tunnel (see our blog link in the profile) and "straw bale" garden Photo2: Our special "Upstate" potatoes are looking good! @row7seeds Photo3: cukes and squash (one kinda looks like a watermelon...so much for labelling). Photo4: Red and Yellow onions (local starts) They did very good in the bales last year and this year looks promising too. Photo5: Cosmic Purple Carrots (my free gift from @bakercreekseeds ) and Badger Flame Beets (seeds from @row7seeds ) Photo6: Bells of Ireland started from seeds from local farmer @songhavenfarm Photo7: peppers! @botanical_interests Photo8: more peppers...Peppers of the World @sandiaseed Photo9: Local tomato seedling and Thai Basil (seeds from @homechefherbs ) #mutinyranch #sustainable #Permaculture #garden #gardening #abundance #mcelmocanyon #farmlife #homestead #farmlet #growtunnel #growyourownfood #neverstoplearning #feedyoursoul