12 hours ago

meowww, it’s only Wednesday and I’m ready for the weekend 🐱✨

12 hours ago

See you again soon NYC ❤️✨🌆

1 day ago

this makes me happy. ✨ thanks to the little cutie who took it @michaelcollier_ 💛

12 hours ago

„Den ganzen Unsinn werd ich nie verstehen. Da hilft nur Einatmen und Vorwärtsgehen. Es ist ganz einfach, es ist ganz einfach. Das Leben lebt, es ist ein wunderschöner Sommertag.“ #sweden #alesstenar #adventure

11 hours ago

Whether we like it or not, most of us are addicted to technology in one way or another. Not that long ago I followed a very detailed article that helped me organize my phone in such a way that it became far less distracting and it’s something I’m glad I did but it’s far from the ideal solution. I use my phone and computer a lot for work, as many of us do, which makes switching off that bit harder. I am going to be making more of an effort to unplug. Making little changes such as turning off notifications, not taking my phone out with me on weekends and turning emails off at 6 pm. It’s the little changes we make to our everyday habits that make the biggest difference. 🔌 #firesidepresets