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1 week ago

Contest Alert! This a Strongman Corporation sanctioned competition for beginner to intermediate level (Level 1) strongman/strongwoman. The intent is to introduce men and women to the great strongman sport. Open to all interested athletes. We will also have Novice, Masters and Teen divisions. Link will be in the bio.

1 month ago

Navy vet saying goodbye to future soldier ( @cage_the_american ) Cage’s stats: Squat 480lbs (218kg) Bench 310lbs (141kg) Deadlift 530lbs (241kg) and he is only 17 years old. He is shipping out this Sunday. Good luck cage! Come back stronger. PS: we will miss the mullet. #cometrainwithus #bealegend

1 month ago

We love you too!! #Repost @martinslicis • • • • • Major gratitude post! THANK YOU @oddhaugen and @mikeg1126 ! When I was just a young buck, fresh in California, both of you took me on and trained me in the art of strongman! There’s no chance I claim Worlds Strongest Man without you two. You taught me how to lift stones, carry heavy freakin weights, press axles, logs and dumbbells, grounded me before every contest, and corrected my course when I was off. It has been such a pleasure to be a part of Team Valhalla. From training in Odd’s garage, to then opening @thetraininghall ! What a magnificent journey it has been. To think that the real good stuff, is only beginning now. I’m excited to see what we will create next, and I cannot be grateful enough for your guidance and comradery! #TeamValhalla @kindafitkindafat_apparel #Strongman @theworldsstrongestman @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @dotfit #weightlifting #powerlifting #champion #King #Dragon #Victory #BeALegend #MARTINS

2 months ago

ATTENTION LADIES!!! Meet our very own Heather Webster!! Heather has put together a Training Hall Six-Week Challenge that is geared toward females looking to gain strength and confidence while learning new skills in the gym. We are looking for 5-10 women who are interested and ready to begin a strength program. This class will begin JUNE 10th!! All participants are required to sign The Training Hall’s Liability Release form and pay a fee of $120.00 for the six-week course. Participants must be willing to commit to work out three times per week for six weeks. Participants must come to class with a positive attitude and be willing to learn new things. Call 805-498-6666 for more information.