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1 hour ago

Art. Bitch.

4 days ago

There's always gonna be another mountain I'm always gonna wanna make it move. 265lbs Farmers | 640 lbs Yoke thanks for the motivation @martinslicis #gooutandadventure

1 month ago

7 months to hit 100k on YouTube. Here are some great memories. Thank you fans for the support. Thank YouTube. Thank you @tomrboyden for guiding us. Do what you love.

2 months ago

Its been a crazy year. 27 was year of challenging myself and starting something new. 28 is the year of seeing things through. Very thankful for everyone in my life. I love my family and my friends from around the world. . #gooutandadventure #youtube

3 months ago

I know how it ends, ... JK he gave me exactly THIS poker face when I asked 😒

4 months ago

Merry Christmas from my sister and I.