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3 hours ago

The specific places for eating your way through Barcelona: Start at Carrer de Blai, a street lined with bars specializing in tapas and pintxos. On Sunday afternoons, head to the neighborhoods of Sant Antoni or Poble Sec to tomar un vermut — drink vermouth. Or for dessert, especially if you’re a dough lover, check out Xurreria Trebol. You can grab churros fresh out of the fryer or a bunyol, a typical Catalan fried dough ball, sprinkled in sugar or drizzled in chocolate. Then, for those late nights, La Bodega d’en Rafel is the closest thing you'll get to a Spanish grandmother's cooking. 👀 Link in bio to learn even more places locals eat through our full guide. (photo by @javier_luengo_photo for @washingtonpost )

1 day ago

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter gets a lot of tourist love, but sometimes the gems are in the less-traveled areas and side streets. Did you know that besides the famous Rambla, there’s a cooler, quieter one in El Raval? Swipe right to find our expert’s suggestion of three neighborhoods, called One Square Miles. 👀 Link in bio for more. (photos by @javier_luengo_photo for @washingtonpost )

1 day ago

Our city expert in Barcelona, @megbernhard , loves this spectacular Gaudí house tucked away on a side street in the neighborhood of Gràcia. Named Casa Vicens, it mixes Arabic architecture with Gaudí's colorful style. Follow along as we take you through more of her under-the-radar favorite spots in two places: 👀 1. at the link in bio, for our full City Guide, and 2. here on our IG, where we'll reveal a few. (photo by @javier_luengo_photo for @washingtonpost )

1 day ago

Welcome to Barcelona, a Mediterranean metropolis filled with museums, plazas, street fairs and neighborhood arroces (barbecues with paella). 👀 Link in bio for the full guide. (illustration by @agustinagastaldif for @washingtonpost )

2 days ago

Disney is remaking “Home Alone,” the 1990 classic, for its new streaming service. But most of the original movie’s chaos couldn’t happen today. We looked at all the ways travel has changed since the McCallisters left Kevin behind, from mobile boarding passes to TSA regulations. Will your favorite scenes make it into the reboot? Tell us which parts you hope survive in 2019. 👀 Link in bio to read our story. (illustration by @washingtonpost ; photos by Twentieth Century Fox; iStock)

3 days ago

Put that stockpile of vintage family photos to use: We want your vacation snapshots — the good, the bad and the awkward — and may feature you in @bytheway. 👀 Link in bio. (photos courtesy of @bytheway staff)

3 days ago

No more sprawling out on the Spanish Steps or jumping into fountains in Rome: The city is fining people who deface or damage its historic sites, a new rule aimed specifically at tourists. It’s the latest step Rome has taken against visitors who see these ancient monuments as a cool spot to eat gelato. 👀 Link in bio to read more about the new regulations. (photo by Remo Casilli / Reuters)

4 days ago

As far as early-morning drinking is concerned, go for a low ABV. This is a marathon, not a sprint, @natbco advises, after spending 12 hours at an airport. 👀 Link in bio to read what other wisdom she gained.

5 days ago

The votes are in. Swipe to find out what City Guide we’ll be using to explore next, based on our poll Thursday. Every week, our IG account reveals spots that locals love in cities around the world. (illustration by @agustinagastaldif )

6 days ago

@washingtonpost audio producer Maggie Penman recently visited Ireland and checked out this small carnival near Salthill. Want to see your photos on By The Way? Tag us in your photos @bytheway for a chance to be featured.

1 week ago

Vancouver is a city that knows how to eat. Natives know their dim sum from their pierogies and their jianbing from their dosas. International flavors are the mainstay, with snacks like taro chips with paprika-laced tofu dip, Kennebec french fries and curried fish balls to enjoy across town. #BTW #BTWVancouver (photos by @jackiedivesphoto for @washingtonpost )

1 week ago

Vancouver, B.C., is often touted as one of the world’s most livable cities, but then a funny thing happened. Skyrocketing real estate prices and questionable politics transformed the city into a haven for the uber-affluent. A collective hangover has the locals wondering: Now what? "Now we focus on what we love about this place," writes @eagranieyuh in By The Way's guide, at the link in our bio. #BTW #BTWVancouver (photo by @jackiedivesphoto for @washingtonpost )

1 week ago

In Vancouver, B.C., locals hunker down in the rainy winter and emerge in the spring, cameras poised to document the cherry blossoms. They bask in the feeling of each neighborhood, and how they all seem to spawn their own unique businesses. And despite being notoriously reserved, Vancouver locals love to share the city's secrets with visitors. #BTW #BTWVancouver (illustration by @prettyuglydsgn for @washingtonpost )

1 week ago

It's the travel debate tearing the By The Way team apart. Which side are you on? Let us know in the comments below, then head to the link in our bio for a breakdown of both options. (video by Taylor Turner / @washingtonpost )