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3 days ago

I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t read a book in a long time but I’m pretty excited about this one! #samkean #chadgoesdeep

3 days ago

What up dudes. @jtparr14 and I have a very special show coming August 29th at 7pm at the Long Beach Laugh Factory. We’re partnering with @brobible and @sailorjerry Savage Apple to bring this comedy extravaganza to celebrate fleet week and also to give you all an opportunity to sample the new Sailor Jerry Savage Apple rum! It’s delicious, stoke filled and dank. ALL proceeds benefit Bob Hope USO and IT’S FREE FOR ACTIVE DUTY MEMBERS. Lineup includes @stridershredsallday and @arimannis. Don’t miss out! TICKET LINK IN BIO. Must be 21+ to attend. #chadgoesdeep #sailorjerry

2 weeks ago

At first @pitchfork hated this name but then they realized it brilliantly poked fun at the bands trying to be slyly brilliant but ultimately are just the average, manipulative grungy band raised by wealthy parents but no one knows it and don’t give a shit. #kroq #localsonly #bestnewindieartist #indierock #wedontcare #theafterparty #thepartyboys #thepartybros #chadgoesdeep #omg #radband #houseparty #indie #siriusxmu #jackfm #altnation #newband #newmusic #amazingband #shakespeare #shkspr #licenseplates #kevinandbean #instahub

2 weeks ago

Um, this is one of the funniest things I've seen - worth watching till the end, I almost cried laughing! #murica #unwritten . . . #Repost @chadgoesdeep • • • • • • What up world, we feel super strongly about the fourth and presented the council with a dank proposition to extend the Independence Day amp. #chadgoesdeep #fourthofjuly

2 weeks ago

What up stokers, in episode 83, the two lords of stoke recap their epic experience on the @sternshow and how we prepared for this momentous event.  We discuss spin class and Chad's audition to be a spin instructor and then dive into some more heavy topics along with some dank prank calls.  Tune in! #goingdeepwithchadandjt #chadgoesdeep

1 month ago

What up stokers, we are putting out a a special weekend sode! We dive into JT's high stakes drama about his buddy stealing his car, the trials and tribulations of astronomers in 16th century Europe, and Chad's newfound stubble. #goingdeeowithchadandjt #chadgoesdeep #letsgetdeep #jabwow

1 month ago

Episode 76 we hit you with some more knowledge!  Author Dav joins us to discuss his new book, Range, which explains how generalists thrive in this new modern world.  We also cover his time in the arctic and his experience as an author.  #goingdeepwithchadandjt #chadgoesdeep

2 months ago

“What kind of people are these?” “We call ourselves Stokers” Subscribe to Chad Goes Deep YouTube channel and make sure to use your bongs pongs and pings this weekend! #chadgoesdeep #citycouncil