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Really out here just living my best life

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Oh, California, you’re so irresistible with the color hues and palates you give. Constantly in awe.

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Celebrating Papa Donald’s 92nd birthday!!🎉🎈 Love our family but missing Josh, Eric, Corey and Zach!!!! It’s so much fun being together,but the time goes way to fast! The laughs and memories are priceless and will alway be cherished! Happy Sunday everyone!!

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Cave rock tunnel. Hike to the top to catch the perfect sunset view of Lake Tahoe

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This past week was one of the best programs I’ve been lucky enough to lead kiddos on. It was a small, tight knit group of students who allowed us into their family. We got to be silly, dance, adventure, white water raft, go to a cultural center, get lost. We explored the Trail of a 100 Giants and walked amongst some of the oldest and largest trees in the world. Sequoias are thousands of years old and some in the fossil record have even been found to have been around when the dinosaurs were. Sequoias also used to grow all over the world and now only flourish here in California. It made me think how lucky I am to live in a state that has the largest and tallest known trees on our planet 🌎 So we felt them, we sat amongst them in silence to feel their peace, we discovered how many students we could fit inside one (26, swipe to see the video 😝), and I climbed into a crevice in one to hug as much of it as I could- which isn’t very much, we’re like ants to these giants 🐜🤣🌲

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Before you head out for a day of fun on the Lake Tahoe Water Trail, check the forecast! We have a whole page dedicated to weather on our website. You can get a complete wind and weather forecast for Lake Tahoe before you go! . Click 👉 our profile link and look under the Maps menu. That's where you'll find the Weather Map link. . . . . . . #tahoewatertrail #tahoepaddling #visittahoe #standuppaddle #sup #paddleboarding #paddle #suplife #paddleboard #standuppaddleboard #standuppaddling #standuppaddleboarding #watersports #kayak #paddleboardinglife #inflatablesup #supboard #suptouring #kayaklife #onthewater #laketahoe #visitCalifornia #wildcalifornia #california4fun #visitnevada

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“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.” - Leo Tolstoy

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Here are my some of my MUST SEE spots in Los Angeles⁣ :::::⁣ Griffith Park - A huge urban park with tons of hiking spots, wildlife, nature activities and Griffith Observatory, there's tons to fill an afternoon. The Observatory is free (although parking costs) and there are great views⁣ :::::⁣ The Arts District in DTLA - With murals on every corner and Angel City Brewery built out of and old warehouse, there's plenty to see and do in the Arts District. It's a great introduction to downtown Los Angeles⁣ :::::⁣ South Bay - Some think this is a little far away, but few know that it's less than 20 minutes from LAX. Comprised of Redondo, Hermosa, and Manhattan, you will get great piers and fantastic beaches minus the crowds of Venice and Santa Monica⁣ :::::⁣ I will share more great LA places soon!⁣ :::::⁣ 📸: @kevinlacyphoto

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Summer has come and passed Wake me up when September ends

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Rodeo Beach Sunset (Marin Headlands, Ca)

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my sunshine-state of heart, my soul's happy place. my favorite home, forever. #California

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. 🚊California Dreaming. Daily Dose of California. Streets : Scenic Photos : Photography : Portraits : Music : Coffee : Food : Wine : Beer : Surf 🌊 . . ❤ Coração de frango sendo preparado para acompanhar algumas cervejas bem geladas num sábado agradável aqui em San Francisco, Califórnia.. Está sentindo o cheiro aí? #UnitedStates #USA #unlimitedcalifornia #cali #californiadreamin #californiatrip #traveling #napa #losangeles_city #sanfrancisco #sanjosenights #sfo #california4fun #visitcalifornia #californialove #tourism #craftbeer #Californiabeer #cheers #cerveja #instabeer #beerstagram #beergeek #beer #beerlover #Budweiser #coraçaodefrango #BBQ #petisco #cooking . .. ... 📝 updated by @evangecosta Radialista, Jornalista, Divulgação, Curadoria, Assessoria e Programação Musical. Broadcaster, journalist, programmer and music publisher, music curator for hotels and original spaces. Enjoying in San Francisco. 🎶 . © todos os direitos ao vídeo ou imagem pertencem aos seus respectivos donos. © All rights reserved. All rights belong to their respectful owners. 📬 DM for all credits/removal or inquires. 🤙 Follow/Tag us to be featured. 📦 @uaugiftsusa @tshirtsprojects @uaugifts 📻 @primeiraclassefm @playdesignmedia . .

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Lookin for somethin new

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Can’t wait to go back to Yosemite this year and check out the fall colors 🍁🍂🎃👻. . . . . ========================. Check out for any prints from my photographs or DM me to get specific ones. ========================. . . . #whatisthisapictureforants

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A fun quick posed shot earlier this week late late sunset at HB Pier.

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Our dear lifeguard friend @h20monk enjoying the Best Gyros in Town. 🌟 Tks dude, see you next time! 🙌😜 @bosniangrill 🇧🇦🇺🇸

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Walking San Francisco & Thinking Out Loud Happy Birthday Dear Julie Happy Birthday to You. The shadows were amazing under the thatched willow branch roof of the wine tasting pergola at Caymus Winery. , Reds ruled with this group. Thanks for the likes, follows and comments "The Tour Guide With A Camera" Click on the link in my profile to book me through Tours By Locals or give me a call Michael WhatsApp 1-415-980-0593 #streetsofsf #ignorcal #filmnoirstyle #nowrongwaysf #rawcalifornia #unlimitedcalifornia #explorecalifornia #caligrammers #igerssf #conquer_ca #californiaholics #filmnoirstyle #california4fun #visitcalifornia #californiacaptures #californiaadventure #westcoast_exposures #sf_insta #weownthenight_ca #california_igers #feedbacknation #wildbayarea #filmnoirphotography #californialove #bestofbayarea #filmnoirclassics #onlyinsf #alwayssf #wildcalifornia #sanfranciscocitizens

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California dreamin’...

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Pretty maidens all in a row

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Can anyone use the Lake Tahoe Water Trail? Yes! Paddle boarders and all boaters, fishermen, swimmers, and lake users are encouraged to use the Lake Tahoe Water Trail maps to find designated launch/landing sites with facilities and parking. 20 of the sites are trailheads with wayfinding signage! . Need a map? Pick up a Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Access Guide. Click 👉 our profile link to find out more. . 📸: @indigo_child_blog ; Image courtesy: @tahoenorth . . . . . . #tahoewatertrail #tahoepaddling #visittahoe #standuppaddle #sup #paddleboarding #paddle #suplife #paddleboard #standuppaddleboard #standuppaddling #standuppaddleboarding #watersports #kayak #paddleboardinglife #inflatablesup #supboard #suptouring #kayaklife #onthewater #laketahoe #visitCalifornia #wildcalifornia #california4fun #visitnevada

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Lake Tahoe is a fragile and precious resource with extraordinary water clarity of over 60 feet! Together, we can help preserve clarity, protect plants and animals, and ensure future generations get to enjoy this pristine resource. . Click 👉 our profile link for more info on how you can help keep Tahoe beautiful! Together we can make a difference. . 📸: @alphawanderlust ; Image courtesy: @tahoenorth . . . . . . #tahoewatertrail #tahoepaddling #visittahoe #standuppaddle #sup #paddleboarding #paddle #suplife #paddleboard #standuppaddleboard #standuppaddling #standuppaddleboarding #watersports #kayak #paddleboardinglife #inflatablesup #supboard #suptouring #kayaklife #onthewater #laketahoe #visitCalifornia #wildcalifornia #california4fun #visitnevada

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"Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself. You will then find out how easy it is to get along." - Paramahansa Yogananda

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Jake, waiting for me to throw his ⚽️ ball. @sila_rob_b

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Where has the summer gone? Thank you for bearing with me as I took a few months off to catch up with life. Last year was quite stressful with my father being sick. I feel like I am finally beginning to get my life back on track. Over the last few months, I have been working more hours with my day job, getting the kids’ back to school routines reestablished and becoming the team photographer for both of my son’s soccer teams. It has been a whirlwind but we got a bit of a jolt of reality last weekend when we were told that one of my son’s fourth grade teachers unexpectedly passed away. It’s been a sad week for our community. Life is fragile and we must appreciate the beauty around us. I tried to take the drone up the day after we got the news. I like the perspective the drone gives you. While it was dark and gray at ground level, it was a whole different world once I flew above the fog. I imagine it is what it would be like to see the world from heaven. It was beautiful how the fog flowed like a waterfall. Unfortunately as my luck would have it, my drone app uninstalled itself from my phone so I couldn’t fly. I did, however, get to hang out with old friends @natecampi , @big.matty , and @enivelm. This footage was taken last year at the same spot. The song is appropriately titled, “The Closing of Summer” and is by Asher Fulero Photography has always been my therapy and outlet. It’s seen me through some dark as well as happy times. Even though I wasn’t posting pictures, I was still going out to take them. I hope to share more pictures with you that I’ve taken over the summer. I also have a few exciting photography related things coming up to share as well. I hope you have all been doing well. ☺️❤️ . . . #ig_unitedstates #wildcalifornia #wildbayarea #karlthefog #unlimitedcalifornia #visitcalifornia #streetsofsf #rawcalifornia #alwayssf #sfdreaming #viewsfromcali #earthofficial #igerssf #sky_sultans #amazing_shots #itsamazingoutthere #abc7now #nbcbayarea #california4fun #droneoftheday #djimavicpro #dronephotography #dronestagram #mavicprocommunity #asherfulero #relaxingvideos #phototherapy #dronevideo #PictureHappyOakland

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Los Angeles Grammers Presents: _________________________ artist: @shutterdragg ・・・ #lagrammers_shutterdragg _________________________ discovery: @the_bluecloud _________________________ FOLLOW ↠  @losangelesgrammers TAG ↠  #losangelesgrammers Thank you for tagging your pics!  Keep on inspiring everyone! Don't just like the picture go check out their awesome gallery! #socalgoodvibes #moodygrams #westcoast_exposures #ig_daily #photowall #rawcalifornia #conquer_ca #ig_great_pics #losangelesgrammers #jj_westcoast #calilove #california4fun #ig_sunsetshots #sky_sultans #abc7eyewitness #nbc4you #relaxyoureincali #southbayphotos #theonlycalifornia #rsa_light #rsa_outdoors #ig_vision #loves_skyandsunset #conquer_la_skyline

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Follow: @evabicerra for more . 🚨 TRANSFORMA TU FALDA MIDI 🚨 CHICAS NO SABEN QUE PONERSE ESTE FIN DE SEMANA ?? TIENEN UNA FALDA MIDI?? pues a TRANSFORMARLA!! 🤩 les muestro 4 diferentes looks con la misma falda! 🤩 #evaoutfits CUENTAME que opción te gusto más!!💕 . ETIQUETA a tus amigas y COMPARTE con ellas estas ideas 😉 .............. Follow: @evabicerra for more . 🚨 1 MIDI SKIRT 4 LOOKS 🚨 YOU DON'T KMOW WHAT TO WEAR THIS WEEKEND ?? DO YOU HAVE A MIDI SKIRT? Let's wear it! Here I show you 4 differents looks using the same skirt! 🤩 . COMMENT below wich look 1-4 is your favorite!! 🤩 . TAG a friend who would love watch this video and is looking for weekend ideas ASAP!! .

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Just beachy 👣

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Sunrise missions 🌄 // Probably one of the craziest sends this summer. My flight landed at 11 pm. Got home at 12 am. At 1 am, we were loading the car and by 1:30 am, we were on the road. We drove through the entire night and got front row seats for one of the most majestic sunrises I’ve ever seen. We were back home by 8 am and it was 36 hours of no sleep but days like this make it all worth it🤘🏽

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🔥Chicken breast grilled sandwich🔥 Today we’re in San Diego State University from 4:30 until 9pm. .😃🙌 . . 🍽Our menu: Gyros Lamb & Beef or Chicken breast sandwich, Plate with rice, salad and Traditional Cevapi. . Follow us: @bosniangrill 🇧🇦🇺🇸

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I did not get to do a helicopter ride in nyc but here’s my helicopter shot in LA. Was doing some video edits and was debating on which nyc photo to share. I’ll post it sometime this month. And also, stay tune for September 29th for my trailer for my film series. Sony a7iii ISO: 400 Shutter Speed: 1/400 sec Aperture: f/2.8 Focal length: 35mm

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This week was incredible. We took a group of students on a week long tour of Kern county and the Sequoia National Forest. We went white water rafting, found swimming holes and natural water slides 🌊 We wanted to find this slide at Alder Creek for the entire week and every time we thought we found it, we didn’t. Our service would die, we’d end up at the wrong river crossing, there were no signs, so much so that we all started to doubt if we’d ever find it. But getting lost, making it an adventure of finding an illusive slide just made actually finding it that much sweeter. We hiked over the crest of an unmarked trail and there it was. We went running, screaming in excitement. It was some of the coldest water I’ve ever been in. I went down twice, had finally put on a dry shirt and this little sweetheart asked me to slide down with her, how could I say no? I’m so grateful for these students, for my coworkers who remind me to dive into life, figuratively and literally❤️