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11 minutes ago

Going back to February last year, here's a view of the outside of #rosscastle and the #water around it. I love the movement on the water here, but the weather wasn't perfect. #Kilarney is lovely, though. Especially the #nationalpark and the castle is within the bounds of #killarneynationalpark , I believe. More content tomorrow 🙂

13 minutes ago

My kind of after-work ft. a deer 🦌

23 minutes ago

Oleander caterpillar #🐛

31 minutes ago

Happy little sun bear :) ☀️🐻

37 minutes ago

Sunny skies and golden leaves

40 minutes ago

because it’s Sunday, and it’s been a while 🤳 @theselfiepug

43 minutes ago

Kaip fotografas-mėgėjas galiu pasakyti, kad labai gerai fotkint žmones kitoj upės pusėj, nes jie negali tavęs supyzdinti. #HuaweiP30Pro

48 minutes ago

After our quick trip in Campie this morning, I couldn’t resist taking her out for a spin with G to the beach. I’ve only driven her twice now (Mark usually drives) but I love the feeling when driving her! 🚎 G loved throwing rocks into the sea, and I loved the sea and sand between my toes 😍

48 minutes ago

SMONDAY - when Sunday stops feeling like Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in. Eke out the weekend for just a little longer by taking a nice look (preferably somewhere comfortable with lots of pillows and a cup of tea while you’re at it) through our digital city guides and dreaming of all the possible adventures that await you this year ! We’ll have you on top of your game in no time! 📷 @taramilktea . . . . . . . . #storyunheardcanada #peytolake #rockies #canadianrockies #lakes #wanderout #theoutbound #liveyouradventure #feedyouradventure #allaboutadventures #beautifulworld #lifewelltravelled #forahappymoment #planetdiscovery #wheretowander #natureaddict #canada #storyunheard #banffnationalpark #banff

48 minutes ago

I can’t describe the beauty of this place.

50 minutes ago

The idea of soulmates has people thinking that once you find “the one,” everything is smooth sailing from there. ✨ No. You still have to communicate, face pasts issues, set boundaries together, build and sustain trust, and weather storms that come to tear you apart. 😌 You’ve gotta work at it and make it healthy, happy, and fun! 👫

52 minutes ago

The birthday boyo.✨

53 minutes ago

My first wildlife photo taken during my time in Thailand. It is truly magical capturing the life you see roaming the Earth.

58 minutes ago

I was gonna do a birthday post, but I’m just too dang excited for Fall. So enjoy this shot from last year up in the Whites, and stay tuned for some more foliage epicness coming soon 🍂🍁

58 minutes ago

Beauty of Mother Nature.

1 hour ago

Little by little, one walks far. Danke Switzerland! I have covered MANY miles this past week. 🇨🇭❤️

1 hour ago

📍Skógafoss waterfall Photo by: @chrisburkard Tag someone who should go to Iceland! ————————————————— Follow for all the best photos from Iceland & plan the most perfect Iceland itinerary with us!🇮🇸 ————————————————— Tag/DM to get featured!

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1 hour ago

Pacific Northwest ↟ 2019-09 // 4

1 hour ago

Sat reminiscing about the most mind-blowing experience i’ve had so far. This place has to top the list! The sheer grandeur of the place alone is enough to leave you in awe! 🗻😰: Swipe ⬅️

1 hour ago

mamiya boys got to meet one of the coolest dudes @tnellly this weekend. Super talented creative. until next time brotha. 🤘🏽

1 hour ago

Spent a very eventful weekend in the stunning state of Arizona! From exploring Phoenix to enjoying Scottsdale to hiking the incredible landscapes of Sedona, this state leaves me a wanting more. 📷: @maxisalidadesocorro

1 hour ago

WE'VE BOOKED THE FERRY TO FRANCE!!!! 3 whole weeks off work to explore France and Spain in our little nest on wheels. WE CAN'T WAIT, THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!! - We haven't really got a route planned, we only know we want to stop in/near Bordeaux to get wine and spend a few days hiking in the Pyrenees! - 🚐 #VANMONKEYS #vanlife #travellingcouplegoals #dirtybootstravel #creativetravelcouples #vanlifecouple #landscape_love #ourplanetdaily #goexplore #earthfocus #allaboutadventures #awesomeearth #sundayfunday #adventureenthusiasts #anotherescape #exploreobserveshare #roadtrip #roamtheplanet #exploremore #getbacktonature

1 hour ago

Our weekend away to Aoraki/Mt Cook (sans children this time) was exceeeeeeptional. We hiked about 35kms in total which isn't huge but definitely further than we would attempt with the kids in tow! . I actually can't believe how stunning this area is...I had a lot of fun playing landscape photographer and naturally have a bunch of images I'm dying to flood Instagram with! But I will restrain myself and share the best bits over the next little while 📷 . In the mean time here's the cloud piercer itself, Aoraki. One of the best parts of the trip was having dinner, just the two of us, beside this giant as the sun crept away. Bliss I tell you.

1 hour ago

An explosion of colors. This is a short description of Burano. Fishermen, lace, sweets and fish dishes are the perfect frame to make this island one of your favourite. 🌈 What a lovely day 🌈 A little tips: take a break to taste the typical dessert of the island: il Bussolà. . . . #exploremore #passportexpress #travelawesome #traveldeeper #welltravelled #openmyworld #traveltips #allaboutadventures #welivetoexplore #travelwithus #9to5 #travelworkers #burano #buranoisland #buranoitaly #ig_color #visitveneto #happycolors #colourful_shots #colourfullypainted #perspective #video #videograms

1 hour ago

Sister love ❤️

1 hour ago

Solvang for the weekend ❤️

2 hours ago

More old film memories! My first time getting my breath taken away at Moraine Lake in Canada. 2016.

3 hours ago

Really love this new iPhone cameras📱📸 #shotoniphone

3 days ago

Look at this bee hard at work! This guy was so big that most of the flowers bent over as it landed on them.

6 days ago

It’s lounge lizard #Sunday Where there’s nothing but football going on and hanging with my new friend. What should we call him/her?

1 week ago

There’s nothing like a nature walk to clear your head and enjoy life’s beauty. #tailwagswalker

1 week ago

Look at the eyes on this guy! Have you ever seen these before?

2 weeks ago

Let’s play guess that butterfly without google. If you don’t know, make up a cool name. Let’s get creative. #tailwagswalker

2 weeks ago

Come here Mr. Snakey snake! #🐍 They move so fast in the hotter weather! Plus, It didn’t help that I’m holding a camera or we may have been hanging out today for sure. Any volunteers to be my camera man?! Or I could wait until the colder weather to catch them with one hand because they’re a lot slower then. But, I will return my friend. #tailwagswalker

3 weeks ago

hiking views 🥰

3 weeks ago

best birthday surprise 💕

3 weeks ago

I love nature and animals so to be able to combine the two is a blessing! #tailwagswalker

1 month ago

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over If you just sit there.” ~Will Rogers

1 month ago

45 minutes from my front door 🥰

2 months ago

#recap from last nights beautiful sunset. No filter needed.

2 months ago

delphinium delights 💙🦋✨

2 months ago

Spent the weekend in the sun at Bow Valley Provincial Park attempting to catch river trout, making campfires & eating lots of s'mores 😋🏕 #HappyCamper

2 months ago

turquoise bliss

3 months ago

Alexa, pause today ✨

3 months ago

It’s moments like this that make me realize ➟ I am completely in love with my life ♡

3 months ago

peachy keen, you?

3 months ago

I spy horses 🤗

4 months ago

when we movin’ in? 🏰 | 📷: my awesome brother in law

4 months ago

Swim at your own risk! Can you see what I see?

5 months ago

The Great Blue Heron is the tallest of the wading birds. It can be seen standing motionless in shallow water, watching for fish, which make up the majority of its diet. It is slate- blue in color with a white head, black stripe above the eye, and a yellow bill. Often solitary, it can sometimes be found with large flocks of other waders at fish concentrations.

5 months ago

A beautiful view of the #skyway bridge.

5 months ago

Went a solo adventure today to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. This is one of the many animals I ran into today. I also found some sharks teeth while a gator followed me the entire time. #newfriends

2 years ago

Неделю подряд я пишу текста для нашего с мужем сайта и выбираю самые яркие истории! Они преимущественно несут экстремальный характер. Сегодня я проснулась с мыслью, что есть масса ситуаций, о которых не знает никто из наших близких. Если честно, то я стараюсь писать тут вот только о хорошем и никогда не описываю сложности. Мне нравится добавлять в ленту ваших новостей цветы, улыбки и сочные фрукты. Сегодня я продолжу свою традицию, но уже со следующего поста вас ждут снимки из Индии, Шри-Ланки, затерянных мест горного Вьетнама и много слов о самом запоминающемся. На самом-то деле в путешествиях больше моментов преодоления собственных страхов, лени и постоянная работа над взаимопониманием с партнёром, нежели в повседневной жизни в одном городе. Конечно когда живёшь пару месяцев на побережье, то там вообщем-то кроме эстетического кайфа ничего не происходит. Но как только выбираешь перемещения и многообразие, то тут же появляется масса вопросов, необходимых деталей и задач для решения которых нужна слаженная работа в паре. Так часто я слышала о том, что дети меняют жизни людей бесповоротно и очень сильно! Ребята, длительные активные путешествия меняют вас как личностей и ваш контакт со спутником, точно так же бесповоротно и очень заметно! Но между этими вещами конечно пропасть различий и весомости для каждого человека в своей степени. Нам с мужем важно ставить много точек на карте новой страны и перемещаться по ним. На данный момент настолько велика информативная и медиа загруженность, что нужно место и время просто на то, чтобы всё систематизировать. Я люблю порядок и ценю то, что мы с Лёвочкой видим и ощущаем. Так как это не месячные поездки, то и событий накапливается на годы вперёд. Я пересмотрела снимки из стран, которые мы посетили три года назад и поняла, что ничего не писала о них. Почему так, даже не укладывается в голове. Вообщем, пришло это время. После ванильного поста с очередного райского острова вас ожидают кадры простых таких будней путешественников и рассказы - события через призму моих глаз. #amixen_thai