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I hope I‘m bringing the beauty of autumn to you in pictures and words🍂🍁

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Ending an awesome crazy weekend in Holland at the National Park Hoge Veluwe. It wasn’t easy finding a rain free region close to home, but in the middle of the Netherlands it was. And what a beautiful hiking place that is 😍 🍁🍂

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Il mio piccolo cane – un battito di cuore ai miei piedi.

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Steller’s Jay making an appearance 🔹

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„Tunnel View” Saw so many photos of this Tree tunnel and now i know its hype. You don’t really need google to tell you that you arrived because u will see this a mile before. So happy how this photo turned out after numerous failed attempts.

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Один из самых запомнившихся нам кемпингов. Здесь, на берегу океана у нас мог случиться ужин на закате, если бы мы приехали на полчасика раньше😊 но случилась фотоохота за последними лучами солнца, и это тоже было здорово. А про добродушного хозяина и небольшой, но уютный музей при кемпинге скоро напишу отдельно;) . . . #исландия #reykjavik #reykjavík #visiticeland #outdoorsy #iceland_photography #instaiceland #icelandsecret #ísland #waterfalls #инстаграмнедели #nikoniceland #путешественник #traveleurope #loveiceland #nikon #nikonswitzerland #travelawesome #nikontravel #nikond7200 #nikonrussia #modernoutdoors #hyggelife #vanlife #icelandtrip #iceland 🇮🇸 #traveliceland #island #traveliceland #icelandic

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▪️ Aynalar türlü türlüdür. Yüzünü görmek isteyen cama bakar. Özünü görmek isteyen cana bakar. - Hz. Mevlana

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"Now, we got emergency Oh, we got emergency on planet Earth." _Jamiroquai (Emergency on Planet Earth)_ _ 🏞: Oka Hotspring Park, Larantuka, East Flores, East Nusa Tenggara 🇮🇩 Local "onsen" by the sea with Mangrove view. _ An example on how to keep mangrove open for public despite the fact that maintenance of the facility should be improved. _ However it is still relatively in good condition compared to other places, where mangrove doesn't even exist any longer. _ Just look on how cities by the sea become flooded after the rising of sea level. Or even worse, major destruction after tsunami/ tidal wave! The state of emergency is real... _ Meanwhile, here I am blending in with the locals while getting ready to jump out of the water should any gator spotted swimming nearby 🤸🏻‍♂️🐊